Secret Places in Walt Disney World

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Shhhhh,   I want to tell you a secret…   There are places in Walt Disney World that most people don’t know about. Even in the most popular theme park in the world there are out of the way spots that have no crowds and less people. I will list a few today:

  • At the end of Mainstreet USA in the Magic Kingdom there is a little known “passage” to Tomorrowland. You can beat the crowds by walking through the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station. Just look for Z on your park map!
  • There is a second floor to the Magic Kingdom entrance. It’s the train station; go up the stairs and enjoy the view down main street. If you get there early enough it is a great place to watch parades and other events while being “above it all”.
  • There is a walkway behind Mickey’s Toon Town Fair that goes to Tomorrowland and it is usually free of crowds even on the busiest days! Update: This walkway is currently closed because of the Fantasyland construction.
  • Hot? Tired? there is a relaxing cool ride in the Magic Kingdom that you don’t have to get off of. You can keep riding it and relax! Wait you say, a ride that relaxes? Yes! The Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover is located near the Astro Orbiter in the center of Tomorrowland. It is a slow pleasant and interesting ride that actually goes through Space Mountain. Want to know another secret? Believe it or not it is a great place for a nap! Yes, I have seen small children and not so small adults taking a siesta on this ride.

Check out a Magic Kingdom Park Map HERE!

Want to go check these out in person? We can send you there:

These are just a few great places; feel free to share your favorite in the comments or stay tuned and I will post more in the future!


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